We were responsible for the construction and project management of Thornhill Stables in Stewarton in 2010. This was our first large scale project and a very steep and exciting learning curve.

From then on we have continued to have an active role in Equestrian developments, ranging from small hobby riders to large commercial equestrian facilities.

The knowledge we have collated over this period of time is invaluable to our current customer base, although we are not ignorant enough to presume we know it all! Constant developments in the surface market and innovations in other equestrian related products means this market is constantly evolving.

We have completed many Equestrian Arena installations of all sizes and with a variety of surface choices, there are many factors to consider during our consultation prior to your installation. Important factors to consider which would be discussed at your consultation are; your budget, the chosen disciple to be carried out on the surface, maintenance, traffic levels, aspect, excavation siting, ground topography and many other contributing factors which all come into play when investigating the correct solutions for our equestrian client base.

Our standard 40m x 20m arena installation would start at £30k

We have also previous experience with horse walker installations and preparation of concrete plinths and bases for stables. We are very vigilant when working on equestrian facilities with nervous horses who are wary of machinery or spooked by our presence. Drainage works, gateways being stoned up, fencing and field trough installations are all other minor works we have been involved with for our equestrian clients.