New Build Garden Design

Recently we have been asked to assist in the development of many new build home back gardens. On purchase many of our customers have been looking to modify their gardens to best suit their family requirements.

This is where we come in!

Thinking about your layout and optimising it for your families needs. Are you a keen gardener? Do you entertain? Are there dogs or kids in the equation? Here are some trends that we are finding common this year.





Grassed areas

Many of our customers are opting for artificial grass this summer. What is not to love?

  • Low to nil maintenance
  • no muddy paws or footprints
  • always looks great
  • built to last the test of time

As with everything there a varying levels of quality of artificial grass, you get what you pay for in our experience. We can source cheaper, temporary products, which look more fake, right up to 3D grass which is approved by FIFA, which you literally would not know isn’t real grass. The better and more durable products will come with a lengthy warranty and guarantee.


Make your patio the right size, this may seem obvious but consider table size and walk around space if you entertain. BBQ areas should be made of non porous materials in case of drips or spills and non slip surfaces should definitely be considered if you have children or elderly family.


Consider features you might want to incorporate. In the job shown on this article railway sleepers were used as a focal point. These can be utilised in many different ways. We are fitting a lot of railway sleeper beds, keep the soil in and the path stones or gravel out! Steps or edging can also use railway sleepers.

The choice is endless and entirely up to you, however our team is on hand to offer design advice and options depending on your budget.