Resin Driveway

We are excited to be working with The Resin Mill to deliver high quality Resin Bound driveway options. Iain and Graeme were away last week on a technical training on how to deliver these installations using this high end product and we have limited slots left to install these before the dreaded winter is coming! This has to be laid in a dry environment resulting in time running out for Scottish installations to be completed in a timely fashion. There are ways around laying it in fresher climates, there was a WEALTH of knowledge shared on the technical training day and personally I was surprised to hear this can be laid directly on top of existing tar driveways making it surprisingly more affordable than I first envisaged. Get in touch to discuss your Resin Bound home improvement, can be used on Paths, patios, driveways. Indoor options available in virtually any colour. Also rubber pour now available for Play surfaces and playgrounds with critical fall height pre established. This Rubber pour can also be used in Equestrian installations such as horse walkers, stable flooring and walkways.

Call our team to discuss your needs, we would be only too happy to see if we can assist.



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